Today I sat in a meeting with a potential client. It wasn’t all that unlike most meetings with potential clients. We discussed things like their model, their needs, their goals and what my team and I can do to help with all of those things. I realized something new as I sat there, though.

I (and my family before me) have been a patron of this establishment for decades and I may get to play an important role in helping them evolve for a whole new generation.


When I was a kid (yep, that’s me in the picture), I never imagined that the businesses I grew up around–the businesses that had been local giants and community cornerstones for years (and even generations)–would come to me for my advice and expertise. Of course, this is exactly the sort of thing I hoped for as I grew older, chose my career and began my business… but, even then, it still sort of seemed like just a hope.

Somewhere along the way this has gone from just a dream… to a reality… to a way of life. I love what I do and I am honored and grateful to be able to serve the businesses around me. Especially those that have served me and my family.



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