My name is Lance.  I have a wife, Amy, and a cat, Coal, and we all live together in Sharon, PA.  I’ve got some real talent with technology and I’m pretty good with business.  In fact, I even own a company that is completely dedicated to building business technology, CubicleTwo, Inc..  My wife is great and is super-supportive of my business and the things I do.  On the other hand, my cat can be a real jerk about it.  I guess you can’t have everything.

I love development.

There is nothing so gratifying as writing code that makes what was previously impossible, possible.  I have helped companies take an outdated, abandoned inventory system and tie it into their website so it shows real-time product quantities.  I have helped build web applications from the ground-up that do things that no one ever thought could happen.  I am constantly learning new languages and frameworks to add to my arsenal so that I can continue to be at the top of my game.

I love design.

Drawing and expressing ideas through illustrations and design has always come naturally to me.  A website must effectively communicate the culture of an organization or it’s an inaccurate representation.  Most of what I do is, ultimately, about the presentation of information. If my design puts that information front-and-center, makes it attractive and makes it easy to understand, then I have succeeded.

I love helping businesses.

I will never forget when one of my clients came to me and said “Lance, we increased our online revenue by 50% this year because of our new website”.  I will never forget when another said “our clients have been asking us for that for years and you just made it happen”.  I remember the first time a new couple walked into my church and said they found our church’s website and it looked like the place for them.  When I see the fruits of my labor help an organization succeed, I know that I’m doing my job.

I love being an entrepreneur.

Aside from owning my own tech firm, I also am involved in several start-ups and serve as a technology consultant to many businesses.  I love the idea of being a part of building something and watching it grow.  There are wins and losses, successes and failures, but the hope of creating something bigger than myself is always worth it all.