The posts in this category are really just opinion pieces. I am sure that most irrelevant and/or rather debatable (or maybe even just flat-out incorrect).

Delivering… Even When It Hurts

Several years ago I learned a lot of valuable lessons on a few projects. I had taken on these projects with some of my partners and we all made a lot of rookie mistakes. We severely under-quoted on the projects, we didn’t get good contracts in place and the project specs were all so loosely […]

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This Kid Will Grow Up To Help You

Today I sat in a meeting with a potential client. It wasn’t all that unlike most meetings with potential clients. We discussed things like their model, their needs, their goals and what my team and I can do to help with all of those things. I realized something new as I sat there, though. I […]

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When Do You Launch?

When you are developing a website or developing an application, the question always comes… “Are we ready to launch?” And, boy, is it a loaded one. Launch too early and you could lose your first wave of customers because you weren’t prepared. When you’re just starting out it can be hard to recover from a […]

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