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The posts in this category are designed to help share some interesting things I learn that may be helpful (to others or myself, in case I forget) down the line.

Delivering… Even When It Hurts

Several years ago I learned a lot of valuable lessons on a few projects. I had taken on these projects with some of my partners and we all made a lot of rookie mistakes. We severely under-quoted on the projects, we didn’t get good contracts in place and the project specs were all so loosely […]

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Scaling Text With the Ellipsis

Not everything needs to be visible all of the time. Specifically in list views (when clicking through will give you the entire contents, anyway), learn the amazing freedom that you can experience by enforcing constraints. This is becoming more and more necessary with the prevalence of mobile devices and their smaller screen dimensions. When you […]

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Add a Shadow or Glow to Your Text

There seems to come a time in every young self-proclaimed designer’s career where they decide “everything” needs a shadow. They’re wrong. However, you can add a little bit of a shadow or glow with CSS3 on some elements, and it really does set the text off from the background just a touch. And we’re talking […]

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Use a Better TypeFace

Okay. We’re in the 21st century here. You can use more than just “Arial” for sans-serif, “Times” for serif and “Courier” for monospace. Those are all actually great fonts that have their place (this site even uses Arial), but let’s try to step up our game a little bit. Personally, I am in love with […]

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Simple Textual Website Enhancements

Let’s talk about using text and typography as a design element. When designing a website I am of the philosophy that “less is more”. I think that if a page warrants a fancy, attention-grabbing element (i.e. a large graphic, an animation, an interactive element), then it shouldn’t have to compete with the business of the […]

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